It is often highlighted by corporations that they like to partner with other businesses but fail in building true strategic and effective business relationships that deliver expenditure reductions and on-going expenditure management.

Stonebridge liaises with vendors and clients to develop solutions that will reduce the Total Cost of an expenditure category while maintaining or improving service levels. In addition, the client has complete control and input throughout the process.

Preliminary Assessment
A high-level review of key expenditure data to assess the need and opportunity prior to both priorities investing the time and energy to develop sourcing solutions.
Solution Development
Stonebridge expands its data collection and begins to engage the client and vendors in developing a customized expenditure category sourcing solution.
Upon client approval, Stonebridge works with the client and vendor to implement the sourcing solution.
Category Management
Stonebridge monitors and manages the sourcing solution to ensure that they are achieving the targeted goals and objectives, vendors are becoming partners in innovation and continuous improvement, and the Total Cost is being reduced and managed by all parties involved.