It is easy for companies to state how good they are and how they service their clients, however, nothing speaks volumes or supports a company’s service more than to hear directly from some of its past and current clients. Below, we have attached samples of some of these testimonials.

“We found that Stonebridge invested the time and energy to develop solutions to target our business needs, while focusing on reducing the total cost expenditure and improving the service and technology applied. The end result was providing the company with significant cost savings by refocusing our attention to the importance of procurement within our organization.” PM

“Stonebridge was able to introduce a number of new and innovative vendors to our supplier portfolio and took the time to understand our business and develop solutions that were appropriate for our corporation. Many of the solutions remain in existence today and continue to deliver cost savings to us.” CB

“In each case, we saw significant improvements in our operating cost structure as a direct result of Stonebridge's recommendations. In our business, every dollar saved translates into multiple dollars of equity value created, so we are happy to have this relationship with Stonebridge as we look to create equity value in our portfolio companies.” ET

“We have found Stonebridge's approach to strategic sourcing consulting very fair and beneficial. Stonebridge has taken the time and energy to understand each category and develop solutions that are tailored to our business operations. In addition, Stonebridge has been able to leverage their category insight and client portfolio to deliver substantial cost savings…Throughout the process, Lio Grande has worked closely with our employees in developing solutions for our approval and has engaged our employees and vendors in a very professional, respectful, and diplomatic manner.” BM