Value Proposition

Unlike many large consulting firms that provide boiler plate recommendations and do not take responsibility for their recommendations, Stonebridge offers a service model that offers the client a COST FREE service and keeps Stonebridge connected to the performance and success of any recommended solution.

Stonebridge also focuses upon understanding each business' specific nuances and invests months, and at times years, upfront to clearly understand the operations of a company and develop customized and creative sourcing solutions that are a best fit solution. Most importantly, Stonebridge remains engaged with its clients for years beyond the solution recommendation and implementation stages to ensure that the solutions are delivering upon their objectives and goals, and the solutions are continuously being improved to address any client or market fluctuations.

In Summary:

  1. Complimentary preliminary analysis
  2. Risk-free service
  3. Cost-free service
  4. Complete client control throughout the process
  5. On-going category management